6 tips to help you rent apartments quickly

6 tips to help you rent apartments quickly

How to rent apartments quickly and effectively in Vietnam? This is definitely a question many apartment investors are interested in today. In this article, we will give 6 practical tips for your reference.

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Currently, apartments for rent are considered to be a promising investment channel in big cities, giving investors an attractive profit compared to saving in banks when Interest rates are falling. However, because this investment channel attracts a large number of participants, it will lead to very fierce competition. Therefore, the lessor must know how to give yourself the overwhelming advantages in order to be successful. The following valuable experiences help you quickly find the right customers. Check out these 6 quick apartment rental tips below:

Apartment rental tips 1: Define your target audience

The first thing you should do is to identify your target audience. This will help you have an orientation in the shopping and interior layout of the apartment. In addition, you will quickly select the right customers suitable for apartment conditions to make the long-term and stable rental process.

According to a survey from us, people with an average and stable income, such as people working for more than 1 year, single people, small families … often tend to find cheap apartments in The location is quite nice, the sanitary condition is clean, private and better security than choosing the crowded, crowded and complex inns. If you are the owner of mini apartments, small apartments (about 1-2 bedrooms) for rent, this is the object you need to care about. See also: Are you renting a house? Ask tenants these 10 things.

In case you rent a luxury apartment, those with a good income, or foreigners will be the object that you should target. Lastly, the target customers of owners of shophouse or officetel apartments will surely be small businesses or newly established companies.

Apartment rental tips 2: Take time to design and arrange the apartments to attract the most

Before renting to others, you need to make sure the apartment you rent is in the best condition. The first look is also the decisive look that customers base on which to choose your apartment for rent in Binh Thanh district. This makes it easy to negotiate rental costs.

For the exterior: The things you need to do for the exterior of the house is to repair cracks in the wall; Paint new windows, doors or balconies as needed. If possible, do not ignore the addition of some ornamental plants on the door or outside the balcony area

For the interior: The simplest way to bring a new appearance to the apartment is to repaint the wall. Replace old appliances and remove unnecessary things to make the house airier. Damaged details in the house such as leaking pipes, wall cracks, incomplete light bulbs should be thoroughly treated. You also need to consider issues such as gas safety, fire, and fire safety standards. And depending on the customer segment, you choose a suitable interior style for you.

Apartment for rent 3: Give a reasonable rental price, not a nice apartment is a high price

To determine the value of the apartment for rent in District 7, the owner of the house can base on the following factors: Apartment location (what direction, which floor, which floor), Area, Interior condition, Business advantage, or writing the representative room.

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Next, what you need to do is to consult the rental price in the market or surrounding areas. You should also estimate the costs of checking, upgrading apartments periodically and repairing and maintaining utilities and equipment as needed before setting the selling price. If you’re confused about pricing, you can find support at reputable real estate brokers.

Apartment for rent 4: Contact the broker to spread the information and reach customers quickly

The posting of information for real estate rentals on classifieds sites, real estate websites is considered to be very effective in reaching customers. Apartment owners should pay attention to selecting reputable websites with the supply of beautiful images, 3D images, sharp … so that information about your apartment quickly spread to customers in need.

Besides posting, if you are a busy person and do not have much experience in leasing, fully entrust the job of finding customers to real estate agents.

Apartment rental tips 5: Note when signing the lease contract

The lease needs to be strictly regulated to minimize the risk of arising. Please ask the customer to deposit rent. This will help you make sure they can afford the monthly rent. The deposit should be valid for at least 2 months of rent. You should not be eager to rent but receive a 1-month deposit because in the process of arising many problems such as the tenant terminates the contract ahead of time or the equipment is damaged … The rental contract should be specified. Clarify the following:

  • The person responsible for paying the monthly tax
  • Specify the amount of rent in Vietnam dong and the payment time
  • Agreement on changing the rental price. For a 5-year contract, after 1-2 years, the rent can be negotiated, usually will increase by 10-15%.
  • The contract must state whether or not the company or an individual is allowed to rent out the room or the whole house.
  • The lessee may not arbitrarily change the structure of the house without going through Party A.
  • A lease of 6 months or more must be certified by a notary public to ensure the legality.

Apartment for rent 6: Create a “good relationship” with tenants

When renting to someone else, you don’t have to rent it to the customer and pay rent at the end of the month. Instead, ask the customer about the condition of the home to make them feel comfortable, or if they encounter any inconvenience in living. The good relationship between you and the tenant will help the contract be longer. In the event that the tenant for any reason moved, they will be willing to recommend your apartment to their friends and colleagues. Thus, you have quickly found a new tenant but also save other costs such as brokerage and advertising.